Fischer Financial Group

Fischer Financial Group (FFG) is a nontraditional financial services firm that specializes in risk free wealth accumulation strategies. The firm’s focus is to provide financial advice, resources and education to assist our clients in reaching their financial goals while offering peace of mind, clarity and financial security.

FFG was founded by Brian J. Fischer in 2009 under the simple guise of teaching people to never give up control of their money and risk their life (savings) in order to acquire wealth. A simple notion that led to the formulation of the Foundational Financial Planning model – a unique “foundation first” philosophy towards strategic planning.

FFG advises clients in all areas of personal finance, including: home ownership, retirement income, insurance protection, qualified plan distributions, tax reduction strategies, risk management and estate preservation. FFG’s holistic view of planning looks to build your financial plan from the ground up believing that a plan must be viable under all circumstances and in any economy.

What We Believe:

We believe that the current retirement system is flawed. Individuals take entirely too much risk with their money and often do not see the fruits of their labor.  The conventional wisdom of the financial planning industry has caused more harm than good for most people.  Individuals transfer their wealth unknowingly to financial institutions and the government due to lack of a proper financial education.  There is one thing we truly believe and it is that wealth can be created without risk…

Brian J. Fischer
President & Founder


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